Summer Escapade

I'm leaving tomorrow for a little R&R with a couple of people from work. We'll be doing some sight seeing, swimming, whale watching and wakeboarding. Hopefully, a little drinking too.

I love summer. It would be perfect if it weren't for the unbearable hot weather. And what I like most about summer is being able to go out, far from the city, and forgetting all the worries there. I remember when I was younger, I swore to myself I'd buy a house next to the beach and swim and frolic in the water all day. But reality settles in when you're older and you realize that the beachfront house and endless frolicking in the sun is for one, really expensive (meaning you have to work for it) and pretty dangerous (UV rays will keeell you). So, while I sit in my cubicle, pretending to work, I only have a couple days in the sun to look forward to before returning to this frigid room that never fails to freeze my fingers off. And that's enough I guess.

I will post pictures eventually. When I feel like it. Haha. :P

Ending Seasons

 No, I'm not talking about Winter ending. We don't even have Winter where I live. I'm talking about TV Series Season Endings, particularly the last episode of Heroes last week (or was it the week before that?).

Normally, I dread the last episode of a show that I watch... mostly because I'd have to wait several months to find the answer to questions that cliffhangers bring. But last night, I begrudgingly watched episode 19 of Heroes without knowing that it was the last episode for the season. And while I really loved the first season of Heroes, every other season after it just got worse and worse to the point that I wanted to stop watching in the middle of the season and I have to force myself to watch.

I endured an entire season of Peter struggling with Nathan's death, Sylar struggling with himself, HRG and Claire's Issues, Hiro and his stupid quests and a new baddie, Samuel, terrorizing them all. While I do enjoy the addition of the dude from Prison Break and his effective portrayal of a deranged circus freak, everything else downright sucked.

The funny thing is... each season, I still go out and watch the episodes of shows that I don't particularly enjoy anymore. Sure, I stopped following Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Melrose Place. But I did promise that I'd catch up with it eventually. It makes me wonder... why the hell do I keep watching these terrible shows? Do I expect it to get better or go back to its former glory?

I'm willing to bet that come the next season, I'll still watch Heroes. Even if I have to endure 20 or so episodes of the same idiocy that I have watched for the past 3 seasons. Even if it has become a big steaming pile of shit.

What about you guys? Which shows do you hate but can't stop watching?



Hi Everybody (if anyone is still checking my page),

You may have noticed I deleted all of my posts (except my resource post coz that's important). That's because all my icons are gone (darn you photobucket) and for the sake of consistency, I deleted everything else even if they weren't icon related.

I've been crazy busy for the past year or so (I don't even know how long I've been gone). Saying that my last year of school and my first few months of working are to blame would be a cop out. Yes, I have been busy but I've been busy and still had time to post before. Honestly, I've been too lazy. And Twitter enabled me. I could blog, if you can call it that, on Twitter coz it was fast and easy and I could do it from my iPod.

But now, I've decided to change my lazy ways. I'll try to blog once a week, whether I'm rambling like on this post or if I made a couple of icons for your pleasure or other things that I can work on. I will also try to upload all my previous icons. Just so those who haven't gotten to it yet or lost theirs can get them again. I won't be focusing much on Twilight anymore (thus the layout change... still trying to find a new one. Any suggestions?). Not that I don't like Twilight anymore, I still love it. It's just that it's not the only thing I'm interested in and I want to have that integrated into this blog as well.

Soooo... what have I been doing?

Well... I haven't made any new icons.. that's for sure. Why? My laptop crashed a couple of months back, wiping out Photoshop and some of my resources. Good thing I managed to salvage most of my icons and pictures and will be able to re-upload them eventually. I've been focusing on my writing a couple of months before. No fan fiction, sad to say. But mostly, I've been writing original stories intended to be novels. I'm still in the middle of two novels but writer's block has been making it difficult to continue. I'm thinking of posting them here so I get feedback from other people that might help me keep going.

More recently, I bought an SLR (Nikon D5000). I'm quite fond of it and I've been snapping pictures left and right. If I get lazy and don't want to make a post, I'll start posting pictures that I took. Aside from that, I started working a couple months after graduation last October. I'm not in an IT company and well.. blogging makes it easier to get it through the boredom. Thus, the re-vamp of flipflopkitty.

That's pretty much it. See ya guys soon!